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Life Coach & Strategist

Christine Smith, Founder and owner of Newjoie Solutions.  She is a financial professional seeking to empower and support professional, middle-aged women who are actively looking for financial clarity and security. 


Christine has been helping families and individuals improve their financial situation since 2009.  Prior to working in the financial industry.  Christine has worked in corporate America for over 20 years as an IT professional.  Christine's background and expertise with technology has equipped her to bring a fresh, innovative approach for addressing the gender gap as it pertains to financial knowledge and empowerment for women. 


Due to a failed business venture in 2005, Christine and her husband climbed their way out of the quicksand of financial debt.  From this experience, she was not only determined to educate herself, her mission is to educate others in finance and wealth generation.  She honestly believes that education and financial coaching will make a difference in correcting the financial gaps in our communities.

Christine is a Certified Financial Wellness Coach helping individuals and families improve their financial situations and achieve financial security for the future.

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